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Our ambition is to offer the best wealth education, wealth acceleration, wealth protection, and wealth digitalization solutions – 1 Stop full-service international wealth management along the whole wealth value chain! We provide cash flow and passive income solutions. We aim for high return of investment for up to 5% every MONTH. We build the best, solid investment community in the world, called NIG Investment Club. You will benefit from cash flow and passive income with our client referral NIG affiliate program. We do investment consulting, family office, asset management, asset protection and asset digitalization with utmost security, 100% transparency and the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Our hand-picked team works carefully across the globe and with our affiliated business partners and offices in the GCC region, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa who strive to provide the best level of service with capability and high efficiency.

What we do

NIG Wealth Academy

At our Academy, our certified coaches and professional traders and investors educate where, how and when to invest. We offer online zoom coaching programs with live trading sessions, a comprehensive online academy portal with many modules teaching the most effective strategies, know how, tools, technical guidelines and documents. In our NIG community we share expertise, trades and investment opportunities.

NIG Wealth Acceleration

We advise on the right asset management solutions and portfolio balance. We provide high returns on investment with upmost security and full transparency with different investment programs. We aim for up to 5% monthly return with our unique NIG Wealth Acceleration Approach starting with an investment of $500. Our company works for the reputable leading international law firm Rudha Al Attar and is doing Family Office and account management for UHNW clients. As innovators, we offer the unique opportunity to invest in tokenised diamonds, upcoming artists, vintage watches and other alternative asset classes. With investments in real estates, physical gold, silver diamonds and other precious metals, we balance the portfolio of our clients.

NIG Wealth Protection

We protect your wealth, avoid tax payments, save you efforts and time. We advise on the right corporate structure, set up your company e.g in Dubai, Switzerland or Cayman Islands, get your residency and visa, open up bank accounts or provide 2nd citizenships in many countries of the world. We support you to rent, buy, manage and sell the right real estates worldwide.We offer solutions for mobile work/life places like yachts, private jets and digital protected locations like ‚bunker homes‘ below the earth or the sea level.

NIG Asset Digitalisation

We digitalise your assets: real estates, brands, watches, art or diamonds…. We trade tokens, coins and NFT’s for additional revenue streams, protection of ownership, easy transfer of assets and cost reduction. Private investors benefit from high performance, upmost safety, full transparency and reduced costs while an investment with even a small amount of money is possible.

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Who we are

Since 2022 we aim to revolutionise wealth management. We educate, coach, and consult our clients on how to grow, protect and digitalise their wealth with our fully managed support services.

Our multicultural team with our business partners consist of high-performing, experienced financial advisors, coaches and management consultants, investment bankers, former hedge fund managers, wealth managers, real estate investors, traders specialised in options, commodities and forex, digital asset experts as well as IT and blockchain specialists.

Each of our experts have more than 20 years of in-depth professional experience in their field. We work with regulated brokers, real estate brokers and financial services, tax advisors and management consultancies. Our company and all business partners are registered, supervised and audited. We challenge the status quo of traditional investments, revolutionize the market and push boundaries to deliver good returns on investments with utmost security and complete transparency.

Core management team


Nicola Hollender

General Manager, Senior Trader, Investor & Coach

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Ralf Hoffmann

Senior Real Estate Investor & Coach

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NIG Senior Wealth Manager Alex Hacker

Alex Hacker

Senior Wealth Manager & Coach

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We combine the best investment strategies and asset classes

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Martin Becker

We received an in-depth consultation how we could save taxes with a different corporate structure and how we would pay 0 taxes at the end when we found a company to Dubai. We asked NIG to set up the Company and we were very happy to obtain the residence and emirates ID and bank accounts after just a few days.

Christian Stückli

At the beginning I was careful to invest since the quranteed monthly performance is really high. After a trial period for a couple of months where I constantly gained 5% ROI each month. I increased my investment to over EUR 500k. I achieve 8% ROI every month and will top up soon to over EUR 1m to gain 15% month by month. I am very satisfied and highly recommend NextGen Investment Group.

Sandra Schneider

I wanted to learn how to invest in the stock market and real estates while saving taxes. I am thrilled by the option trading and real estate program at the academy of NextGen Investment Group. I just bought my first property and gain 5-10% ROI every month with option trading. Thank you very much. You changed my life completely within a couple of month.

Martin Becker

We received an in-depth consultation how we could save taxes with a different corporate structure and how we would pay 0 taxes at the end when we found a company to Dubai. We asked NIG to set up the Company and we were very happy to obtain the residence and emirates ID and bank accounts after just a few days.

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