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Do you want more Time, more Money, more Freedom ?

At our NIG academy we teach you how you can achieve this with

We are probably the only ones on the market that provides a fully comprehensive
certified educational program including

What you can expect after you done our program and gained some experience

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Requirements to join NIG academy

Required time effort to learn

Depends on the program. 2-5 hours per week

Required Capital

Starting 1000 EUR per month

Required Mindset

Everybody can learn that

Required Hardware

PC or Laptop

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Our Vision and Mission

We are passionate to educate as many people as possible to become profitable traders and investors to grow their wealth and live financially independent. By sharing our vision, knowledge and experience we commit 150% to build the best community with like minded-people that share learnings, projects and ‘give back’ to people that needs support to become financially independent.

Benefits of the academy

What our clients say


Efficient and profitable Crypto Trading
The crypto trading program was extremely enjoyable and a lot of fun. I used to try on my own, but I was not profitable and frustrated. I wasted time and money. I highly recommend this education to anybody who is serious about trading efficiently and profitably.

Peter, Sascha und Tim Burghaus

Family education with 3 generations
We did the programs together as a family and our ‘next generation’ 12-year-old son is trading high returns already. The content is well delivered and explained in detail in the live coaching sessions. We gained so much valuable knowledge and enjoyed the exchange with the other participants. In the beginning, we had a bit of difficulty with the technical side of the trading platform. However, we were guided step by step, and it was no big deal.

Christian and Sandra

We had a lot of fun and already made money during the program
The academy and support provided by the whole expert team was fantastic at any time and the learnings exceeded our expectations. The live trading sessions were a lot of fun and made some money already during the program. After the monthly income class, we continued with the crypto trading program.


I can highly recommend Nicola Hollender and her team. I became financially independent after 6 months with her unique 4 pillars program ‘Financial Freedom’. Now I travel a lot and enjoy more time with my family. THANK YOU!

Manuela Eisel

I am thrilled by the academy’s very good education program. I never though, that trading and investment are so much fun, delivers 2-3digit figure of returns quickly on a regular base and is easy to learn. I am with the academy for 12 months now and highly recommend the programs

Stefan Seiler

In the beginning, I was skeptical and hesitant but in her free live coaching sessions, Nicola showed me how to achieve 20-30% return on investment every month. I quit my job after 12 months. Thank you, Nicola, and your team, for all the shortcuts and valuable insights.