NIG Wealth Digitalisation

NIG Wealth Digitalisation

It is predicted that 50% of all assets will be digitalised over the next 5 years. Digitalisation of physical assets like e.g. real estates, watches, cars, brands, diamonds or art with smart contracts on blockchain offers major advantages.
We digitise assets of private investors or corporate clients. We design and trade the tokens, coins or NFTS. Our team and our partners have in-depth experience in digitalisation, tokenisation, designing of NFT’s, trading, marketing and sales of assets. Some of our team members worked at the biggest consumer brands in marketing and sales are happy to support you to push your brand to the next level.

Safe investment already with small amount of money backed by physical assets

Advantages of Asset Digitalisation

For asset owners

For buyers of tokens and NFT’s


Absolutely safe – thanks to 100% physical deposit


Double chance to profit


Assets remain in your possession – access to the asset-backed token at any time


Available at any time


Redeemable worldwide in all currencies


No need to worry about logistics and import regulations – access to token/wallet anywhere


Ultra-mobile, physical, digitized asset


Independent of financial institutions, financial markets, and the economy


Each token can be exchanged for physical asse

NFTs boost brand liking, brand visibility, brand loyalty, and re-purchase rate

We provide easy solutions to upload proofs or origins in a smart contract on the blockchain. We tokenise the physical assets and trade tokens and/or design NFT’s to generate additional revenue streams for your with highest security, full transparency and very limited costs. By doing this, everybody can invest with small amounts of money and participate in the high performance baked by physical assets. Transfer of ownership of assets is made easy, fast and cost efficient. With the ownership of tokens there is no problem with transport or storage of the physical asset.

Tokens gurantee a hedge against financial loss, crises, regulations or other state restrictions. Each token can be exchanged back to obtain the physical asset or share of asset.

A token owner has 3 ways to make profit: By selling the token when the price of the tokens increased, when the price of the physical asset increased and the buyers redeem their tokens against the physical asset or when the tokens are staked at exchange. NFTs boost brand liking, brand visibility, brand loyalty, and re-purchase rate.

We digitalise your assets in a fast and safe 4-step process

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4