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Top 14 Reasons to Invest in Dubai Real Estate Sector

Top 14 Reasons to Invest in Dubai Real Estate Sector

Stable Exchange Rate

Many people are unaware of how a stable exchange rate influences the Dubai real estate market. Stable exchange rates support long-term growth in the market. 

The currency used in the United Arab Emirates is the UAE Dirham, which is divided into 100 fils. The dirham is tied to the value of the U.S. dollar and is considered to be one of the most stable currencies globally. 

The UAE dirham has maintained a stable exchange rate with the U.S. dollar for over two decades.

Future Growth Potential

The Dubai real estate market is steadily increasing and is predicted to increase by 46% in 2023. According to the Realiste AI data reports, It is predicted that the cost of real estate in this city will rise by 29% in 2023. 

The overall trend for the Dubai real estate market in the coming year is upward, with prices expected to rise by a minimum of 10-15%, and some areas experiencing growth of up to 46%, as per the data.

Buying off-plan properties in instalments

An off-plan property in Dubai that is yet to be completed, is generally available at lower prices. Due to this reason, they can offer great opportunities for both buyers and investors. Dubai government has implemented favourable laws that help the buyer benefit by investing in off-plan properties.

Low Crime Rate

People in Dubai are financially well-off and hence are less likely to engage in crime. The city overall has a very low crime rate and is completely safe for foreigners as well as natives.

Cryptocurrency accepted for buying property

Aligned with the dream to become the world’s crypto capital, Dubai allows buyers to pay in crypto. The Dubai real estate market will accept transactions made using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as long as all legal requirements are met. 

Bitcoin Swiss (BTCS) is currently the most widely-used crypto brokerage in Dubai and the UAE, making it a popular choice for investors looking to purchase property in the country. 

This means that investors have the option to buy villas, townhouses, apartments, and commercial properties in Dubai using Bitcoin, ensuring that the transaction process is secure, efficient and quick.

No tax

Investors must know that the Dubai real estate market does not impose taxes on properties as it has sufficient income from oil and trade. Instead, it charges a monthly “housing fee” (also known as municipality tax) and a 4% transfer fee as a way to generate revenue from property transactions.

Rental Housing in Demand

According to the latest data from CBRE in 2022, the average housing rents have gone up by 27.3% in the year until November 2022. Specifically, the average apartment rents have increased by 27.6% and the average villa rents have risen by 25.4%.

Beautiful Weather

Dubai’s favourable weather can be seen as a supporting factor for investment in the city as it offers a comfortable environment for doing business and living. The sunny and warm climate throughout the year provides a conducive atmosphere for various industries like tourism, hospitality, and real estate.

Additionally, the city’s weather is also favourable for outdoor activities and events, making it an attractive destination for both visitors and residents.

Proper Market Regulation

The Dubai real estate market has been acknowledged as the most transparent among countries in the Middle East and North Africa region. Currently, the market is performing strongly and there are no indications of a decline.

The government is implementing new measures and rules to enhance transparency in the market. This has created numerous prospects for those interested in investing in the thriving property market in Duba


Investors choose Dubai because of the economy’s continued growth and stability. It has one of the most diversified economies, attracting a high volume of foreign investment annually. It comes as no surprise that Dubai recently took the top spot for attracting foreign direct investment projects.

Rental yields (Greater than New York, Hong Kong & London)

Dubai presents remarkable returns on property investment, with a gross rental yield ranging between 6-10%, and an average return of around 7.5%. Additionally, Dubai property prices are favourable when compared to other major global cities around the world.

Best Real Estate Location

Dubai is located at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa, making it an ideal location for international trade and commerce. This strategic location has helped Dubai become a hub for business and tourism, which has increased demand for real estate.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Dubai’s reputation for opulent living and exceptional facilities such as high-end retail, gourmet dining, and top-notch entertainment have drawn affluent individuals and families seeking to invest in luxury properties in Dubai.

Rising Population

Based on data from the Dubai Center for Statistics, Dubai’s population is expected to reach 6.2 million by 2040. The projected population growth in Dubai by 2040 is expected to lead to the launch of more real estate projects, which will provide a promising return on investment for investors.

All these factors make the real estate market, one of the best investments in Dubai. 

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